The NOB foundation

Bringing up children bilingually has many advantages. Children develop a strong and positive sense of self by using their mother tongue while living abroad.

Both the European Union and the UN highlight the importance of the use of the mother tongue abroad. They advise that acknowledgement of linguistic diversity is an important condition for a society enabling equal citizens enjoying equal rights.

Bringing up children bilingually however is not easy. It demands more time, energy and perserverance on behalf of the parents and the children. The mother tongue can be fragile and can get lost more easily when children start going to school. The school language will take over from the mother tongue due to a higher exposure of that language. Additional classes are needed to ensure children remain fluent in their mother tongue.

Enter the NOB foundation. The Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide (Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in het Buitenland, or NOB) is a non-profit organisation that has been commisioned by The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in 1980 to promote and support high standards of Dutch education for Dutch-speaking children around the world.