Mission and Vision

Our mission & vision

De Madelief aims to put the Dutch/Flemish language and culture at the heart of the total upbringing of the children in the context of an international community.

Our vision

De Madelief aims to

– offer succesful Dutch language & culture education to (mixed) Dutch/Flemish and children with a different linguistic background of 4-12 years old in Ireland..

– ensure a seamless connection with Dutch/Flemish education

– create a positive learning environment in which children feel safe & accepted and free to speak Dutch.

– actively partake in a flourishing international community in Ireland

Our goals

– to offer Dutch language & culture education to children of Dutch/Flemish parents living in Ireland.
– to provide language education according to the guidelines of The Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide – the NOB.
– to ensure a high standard of education, to guarantee this standard and to improve where necessary.
– to discover and build on the potential of each child.
– to actively involve parents and other family members in our language and culture education & to therefore provide insight into the Dutch/Flemish culture for all family members.