Teacher’s team



School coordinator and teacher Junior/Senior infants: Nicole Maasland

Nicole is working for De Madelief since September 2017.

Nicole has taught at a primary school in Dordrecht for the last 10 years. Here she has lectured the children’s group for many years. She is excited with this new challenge to teach same age group in Dublin.

Since Januari 2018 school coordinator from the Madelief

Last year she moved to Dublin with her family.

‘I am looking forward to it!’


Teacher toddler group: Janneke van Nijnanten

Janneke moved to Ireland in 2011, inspired by the Irish folk music. In these past few years she worked part-time as a childminder for Dutch and Belgium families. She comes from a family of teachers, whilst her mother is a junior/senior infants teacher. Janneke has an honours degree at Filmschool (2017) and often performs as a musician.
She enjoys what Ireland has to offer, and is excited to be teaching at the toddler group at De Madelief.

Teacher 1st class: Frederique van Buuren

Language and language acquisition are very important to me. In particular, second language acquisition and language acquisition in a foreign language environment. With a bilingual education the door is to another country, another culture, new people, study, work and much more. If you get it during your youth, it’s worth gold! At De Madelief children, who learn Dutch from their parents/caregivers in Ireland, have the opportunity to understand, read and write the Dutch language even better.

Since 2015 I am gladly involved within De Madelief curriculum, together with the students, other teachers, the school board, parents and volunteers to make it a big success.

Frederique lives in Ireland with her husband since 2007. Together they have two daughters born in Ireland and bilingualized. She has a MA in English Language and Culture with specialization in translation. In addition, she has a lot of experience in Language Projects, Second Language Acquisition, Team and Project Management.

Teacher 2nd – 6th class: Renee van Schoor

Renee is working for De Madelief since September 2017.

Renee graduated last year as a theater teacher at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht. After her internship in Dublin, after graduation she decided to relocate to this great city. At the company where she did her internship, she is now Head of Education and is very pleased to be the new highest group teacher at the Madelief!

“I look forward to combining my creative background and talility!”

Substitute teacher: Eva van Renne

Eva van Renne is since September 2016 working as a substitute teacher for the Madelief. She has a background as an orthopedagogy/teacher and teached the Dutch language to newcomers in Belgium. Gradually, she supports the teachers in the classrooms or replacing an absentee teacher.