The steering committee

The steering committee

The board committee, our teacher’s team and a handful of dedicated volunteers make up the team behind De Madelief.

The board committee

Chair person: Bart Krepel

My wife is Irish, that why my children are bilingual. It’s great to see how the kids pick up the language from the beginning and switch between Dutch and English without any problems. De Madelief ensures that their Dutch language is of a high level, and so we are giving my children the opportunity to enter the Dutch learning system if desired.

Bart is originally from Nuenen, Bart lived, after his studies in Rotterdam, in France. Since then, he has moved to Ireland and is now acting as General Manager at an International IT company. With his wife and 2 sons, he lives to full satisfaction on Ireland’s coast just outside Dublin.

Vice Chairman: Klaas Jan de Vries

As Vice Chairman of the Board of De Madelief, I expect to be able to contribute to building the school as a benchmark for children who will learn Dutch in Ireland. This means first and foremost attention and patience for the development of the standard of the activities of the school and for those involved.

Klaas Jan has been living with his family in County Wicklow since 1996. He works as a musician, teacher and coach.

Secretary: Sylvia van Dijk

It amazes me daily about the flexibility of the child brain. As easy as children make a new language their own and communicate with ‘other’ language children, that really interests me! In addition, I also see how children tend to speak their main language most, so I think it is important to continue to stimulate our mother tongue. With my daughter in the nursery group, I think it’s important for me to committed the school. Therefore, a role within the board is a nice challenge and a way to show my involvement.

Sylvia studied Pedagogy sciences in Leiden and completed Health psychologist in 2012. She has worked for more than 7 years as a child-psychologist, with parents and children with diverse social-emotional and behavioral problems. Because of her husband’s work, she moved with her family in 2014 to Ireland.

Treasurer: Rogier Meijer


I have many years of experience as account manager / credit controller in various companies.

The role of treasurer at De Madelief is a nice challenge and the cooperation with the enthusiastic team of board members, teachers and volunteers is a pleasant distraction from the daily work. Through Madelief I have been able to expand my network in Dublin / Ireland.

Rogier is originally from Amsterdam, since 2001 he has lived in Ireland with his Irish wife and two children who are both going to De Madelief. Since they went to De Madelief, I see the great benefit of bilingual education in my children. My advice to parents: It’s an investment in the future of your child.